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Enhance the Style of your Tesla with a new set of Tesla Wheels

At Nitrous Garage, we have have the largest selection of aftermarket Tesla Wheels that will definitely set your car apart from the rest. Adding a set of aftermarket Tesla wheels will add a new sense of style to your car so you can definitely say that it's your own. We have been in business for over 10 years, so we are experts when it comes to Tesla wheel fitment and styling for the best quality ride for your car. Make sure you give us a call at (909) 869-5681 when you are ready to purchase a new set of Tesla rims and one of our Tesla wheel specialists will be ready to assist you with fitment guidance and pricing.  Narrow your Tesla wheel search by using our intuitive wheel configuratorbelow!


Quick delivery and satisfied customers - To ensure this we stock many Tesla wheel & tire packages here at our Pomona, California location. For those Tesla enthusiasts looking for a set of factory wheels - we have you covered there as well! We usually have many OEM Tesla wheels in stock ranging from the 19" 5 spokes, up to 21" models. Please call today to check pricing on our Tesla rims you see below, or to see which Tesla OEM wheels we currently have. We have close working relationships with many of our Tesla rim suppliers so we can provide you the best price! Choose to setup your ride with a complete Tesla wheels and tires package for the best price and convenience for you.

Questions? Call Our Tesla Wheel Experts - (909) 869-5681

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 Keep in mind we offer extensive selections of other brands as well, these are just our most popular aftermarket Tesla rims. If you are searching for a specific, hard to find Tesla rim - Please don't hesitate to call into the shop at: (909) 869-5681! You may also be enthralled to learn that at our Pomona location we also repair Tesla wheels. Whether it's a crack, bend, or unsightly curb rash our professionals can get your Tesla wheel back to looking like new.


In accordance with law and safety standards, all of our aftermarket wheels meet or exceed the demanding standards of ISO, JWL, and VIA. Buy with confidence knowing that you and all that ride in your Tesla are riding on safe wheels and tires! Please note that all Tesla vehicles are heavy. We will need to verify load ratings on any Tesla Wheel shown above for anything smaller than 20" size.


Why Choose Nitrous Garage For My Aftermarket Tesla Rims?

  • Founded in 2002, we have over 10 years experience setting up Teslas and other high-end makes.
  • Buy confidently. Get the best price from us, especially when you opt to have your Tesla Wheels & Tire package installed at our Pomona location.


     •  Founded in 2002, we have over 10 years experience setting up Teslas and other high-end makes.

     •  Buy confidently. Get the best price from us, especially when you opt to have your Tesla Wheels & Tire package installed at our Pomona location.

     •  Many styles seen above we stock at our Pomona location!


     •  We stop at nothing to make our customers happy! See our eBay account that has 100% customer satisfaction!


     •  We can offer you incentives such as free mounting and balancing on Tesla wheel and tire packages. All the work is done in house while you wait to have your Tesla wheels or Tesla tires installed.


How to Select Which Wheel is Best For You:    

With so many Tesla wheel choices out there it's hard to know which one is right for you. Most Tesla owners opt for a set of gravity or low pressure cast wheels, because they are the least expensive. If you are the type of Tesla owner that wants only the best on their vehicle then you will want to look at 2 and 3 piece forged wheels, as these wheels allow you to choose the exact fitment and finish. See below for an explanation of the different Tesla wheel manufacturing methods.


Gravity/Low Pressure Cast Tesla Wheels:

Casting of an aluminum alloy is the easiest, and most common way to form a rim. Since it's the simplest way of form a Tesla wheel, it is also the lowest priced. During this process molten aluminum is poured into a mold then allowed to cast by either gravity or by the application of pressure (low pressure casting). Gravity casted wheels typically weigh the most because they require more metal to achieve the same strength of a low pressure casted wheel. The pressure applied while casting to a low pressure cast wheel creates a denser rim which also means it is stronger. We recommend going with at least low pressure cast wheels on your Tesla due to the sheer weight of the vehicle.


Forged Tesla Wheels:

Creating a forged Tesla rim from a piece of billet aluminum involves a lot more energy, time, and expensive technology than a cast wheel, but it provides a wheel that is much lighter and stronger. Because of the extensive process used to make forged Tesla wheels, they do come at a higher price. Without sacrificing any reliability, forged wheels are stronger and weight 20% less than a typical cast wheel. If performance and customization are most important, then forged Tesla wheels are right up your alley.


Other Tesla Rim Construction Methods:

Rotary forging, or flow forming is one the more popular wheel construction methods used in the Tesla wheel industry today. During the rotary forging process, special hydraulic rollers are used to form the barrels and spokes of the wheels. This method is very similar to the way forged wheels are created. At Nitrous Garage, we believe this process is the perfect medium between forged wheels and cast wheels, making them high quality wheels at a more affordable price. We recommend these wheels to the Tesla owner that is looking for a lightweight wheel without any customization needed.



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