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We Have the Largest Selection of Aston Martin Wheels!

There's nothing that sets a car apart than the wheels its on. If you want to make your Aston Martin feel special and personalized, then you definitely want to look into getting a set of aftermarket wheels. Getting new aftermarket Aston Martin wheels will not only make your car look good, but they will also enhance your Aston Martin's performance. By increasing the Aston Martin's wheelbase with larger wheels, you will gain better handling performance and stability. Aston Martins are meant to be a high performance vehicle, so unlock your car's potential with a new set of wheels for Aston Martin. Nitrous Garage offers one of the largest selection of aftermarket Aston Martin wheels so whether you are on a budget or you're looking for the best wheels in the market, we have everything to suit your needs. If you are unsure of what aftermarket wheels would work best for your Aston Martin, give us a call at (909) 869-5681 and one of our friendly Aston Martin wheel experts will be able to assist you. Don't forget that we can also create wheel and tire packages with whatever aftermarket Aston Martin wheels you choose. This way, your new wheels will be ready for you out of the box!


To ensure a quick delivery and satisfied customers, we stock many of our Aston Martin wheel and tire packages at our Pomona, California location. If you are local to our shop, we encourage you to come on by and see us in person. Only at our Pomona, California location you can trade in your stock wheels for credit towards your new Aston Martin aftermarket wheels. We also carry a large variety of OEM Aston Martin wheels in various sizes and models. Please call us today at (909) 869-5681 to check on pricing for any of our OEM Aston Martin wheels. We have several close working partnerships with many Aston Martin rim suppliers, so we can provide you with the best prices. 

Questions? Call Our Aston Martin Wheel Experts - (909) 869-5681

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  Popular Rim Brands We Offer For Your Aston Martin:  

Keep in mind we offer extensive selections of other brands as well, these are just our most popular alloy wheels for Aston Martin. If you have a specific set of wheels in mind that you don't see listed above give us a call, more than likely our sales representatives can find the exact brand, size, and finish you are in search of! To ensure you are safe and the wheels you select will stand up to years of abuse, all of our aftermarket wheels meet or exceed the demanding standards of ISO, JWL, and VIA. Buy with confidence knowing that you and all that ride in your Aston Martin are riding on safe wheels and tires!

If you're unsure which size or finish would match your Aston Martim best, feel free to give us a call at (909) 869-5681, our rim and tire experts are standing by ready to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction in relation to your modifications.

Questions on Rims for your BMW?

Why Choose Nitrous Garage For My Aston Martin Wheels?

     •  Founded in 2002, we have a long track record of providing customers wheels at great prices along with our customer service.

     •  Shop confidently knowing you are getting the best possible price with us. Additionally save more by getting a BMW style rim and tire package and installation through us.

     •  We stock many of the wheels you see above at our warehouse in Pomona. This provides fast shipping times and allows for same day (in most cases) installation if you are local. 

     •  We stop at nothing to make our customers happy! See our eBay account that has 100% customer satisfaction!

     •  We can offer you incentives such as free mounting and balancing on wheel and tire packages. Work is done in-housing, typically we can mount, balance and install your new wheels in under an hour!

How to Select Which Wheel is Best For You:    

Among the plethora of wheel options we have available there are a few different ways in which these wheels can be formed. The most popular methods to form aluminum alloys into a finished wheel is called gravity casting and low pressure casting. If you're looking to upgrade to an even nicer set of rims you can opt for a set of forged wheels. Read more below about wheel construction methods in order to help you in deciding which type of wheel is perfect for you.

Cast Wheels For BMW:

Casting of an aluminum alloy is the easiest, and most common way to form a rim. Because it is the easiest it also means that these wheels are the most moderately priced. During this process molten aluminum is poured into a mold then allowed to cast by either gravity or by the application of pressure (low pressure casting). Gravity casted wheels typically weigh the most because they require more metal to achieve the same strength of a low pressure casted wheel. The pressure applied while casting to a low pressure cast wheel creates a denser rim which also means it is stronger.

Forged BMW Wheels:

Forging a piece of billet aluminum into a finished aftermarket BMW style rim is much more difficult and requires more time and energy than casting a wheel and is therefore more expensive. Although a forged wheel is more expensive it does posses superior qualities than that of a cast wheel.  A forged wheel will typically weigh 20-25% less without sacrificing structural integrity. This method produces the lightest wheel and also the strongest, as forged aluminum is much more dense than cast alloy. During this process alloy is shaped using extreme pressure which forces alloy molecules to be packed in tighter together. Forged wheels are the choice for the consumer who wants only the best for their vehicle, or for someone looking to take their vehicle to the track and post the fastest possible lap times.

Other Rim Construction Methods:

The one other main wheel construction method used in the BMW wheel industry is called rotary forging or flow forming. This method utilizes special hydraulic rollers to form the barrel and spokes of the wheel, very similar to the way a forged wheel is created. This method is a happy medium between the casting and forging methods. Rotary forged wheels feature a price point slightly higher than that of cast wheels while still offering the benefit of 15-20% less weight and a moderately stronger wheel.



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